Friday, 3 August 2012

Guimaras: Always Be My Home

Where I am.. where I may go... there's only one place I call home...

Brgy. Morubuan Jordan in Guimaras, Philippines

Home is where your heart is. Home is where those innocent memories were made. Home is where you can go back and forget everything that happened the few days, few weeks, few months... few years. Home is Morubuan.

This little community we call Morubuan in this quiet town of Jordan, Province of Guimaras is where I can always go back and feel like I've never been anywhere.

Let me tell you about this place. 

When I was young.. I will always remember that our place is so beautiful because it has this big portrait displayed along the hallway of the old Iloilo Airport in Madurriao. The first time I saw the portrait at the airport -- I was awed. Despite growing up in the place, looking at this beautiful photo through the eye of an artist is unforgettable. For an eleven year old, I always feel proud of my place.

Growing up and graduating elementary from this community is always a humbling adventure for me. My childhood memories are full, packed and remarkable. Naive, innocent and simply laidback. All my 20 years in life... I grow up in this place without the privilege of electricity. So roughing it is second nature to me. 

Highschool... I brought my classmates home to celebrate the sad fact that we are actually graduating and separating ways. It was one of my most beautiful memories. Our house is crumbling, I don't have any food to feed them... but we had beautiful moments. Swimming in the beach, went climbing hills and crossing rivers to discover the beauty of a falls that they found rare. 

University years, I brought home friends who learned to love our place and its beauty. Again, memories were made. 

And when I decided to fly my wings and seek out other places... may that be in Manila, Philippines; Canada or the United States....

There is no such place like home.